Brighten Up Your Home With New Lights

Brighten Up Your Home With New Lights

Set up JellyFish Lighting outside your home in Tuckerton, NJ

Want to add new lighting to your home without glaring spotlights or sporadic landscape fixtures? JellyFish Lighting discreetly outlines your home's exterior to give the entire property a gorgeous new look. Kriebel Electric LLC can set up JellyFish Lighting that you'll be able to control through an app on your phone.

Say goodbye to rigging up Christmas lights every year. JellyFish Lighting goes under your eaves and can be customized with any colors you choose. We are the only authorized dealers of JellyFish Lighting in New Jersey.

We can:

  • Install lights on new home builds and existing homes
  • Hide all the wires and make everything look neat
  • Work on commercial locations as well as residential ones

Call now to learn more about the JellyFish Lighting we install throughout Tuckerton, NJ.

You'll be glad you chose us to install your lights

We take the utmost care when installing new lighting features. Our outdoor lighting installations can improve both the appearance and safety of your home. You'll be able to light up your landscaping however you want.

Contact us today to request our lighting installation services in Tuckerton, NJ.

Make your home one of a kind.

Dream it.

Imagine how your home could look with each season, holiday or event. Plus, JellyFish Lighting is perfect for security and accent lighting.

Plan it.

With the easy to use app, you can customize each light to look the exact way you want it.. Plan your lighting scheme day by day, or until the end of the year. With JellyFish Designer Scheduling, the possibilies are endless.

Light it.

Once it's planned, you're good to go, or change it on a whim.

It's the holiday season.

While the holidays are fun, climbing up a ladder to put up lights, never is. Once we install JellyFish Lighting, you'll enjoy the convience of decorative lighing, without the hassle of putting them up and down.

Help secure your home.

Your home is your castle, and JellyFish Lighting can not only help make it look fantastic, it can help protect it. While no lighting can stop a break-in, having the outside of your home illuminated could deter a would-be thief.

Show off with an accent.

Bring attention to your home with beautiful and customizable accent lighting.