Replace Your Old Electrical Panel

Replace Your Old Electrical Panel

Arrange for an electrical panel replacement or upgrade in Tuckerton, NJ

If your electrical panel isn't doing its job, you might want to think about replacing it with a more powerful and efficient model. Kriebel Electric LLC handles electrical panel upgrades with ease. We can get rid of your old electrical panel and install one that gets the job done right.

You'll know it's time to update your electrical panel when:

  • You see burn marks on your panel
  • You have trouble using multiple appliances at once
  • You experience frequent outages and shorts

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Replace your old electrical panel

You'll notice a difference once we've completed your electrical panel replacement. Your electrical system will be more efficient and more affordable to run. We can upgrade 100-amp panels to 200-amp panels. We work with premium materials and equipment, so you can rest assured that your new electrical panel will last for decades.

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