Future-Proof Your Property

Future-Proof Your Property

Modernize your home with our electrical service upgrades & house rewiring in Tuckerton, NJ

If you live in an older home, you might want to consider upgrading your electrical setup. Old wires can lead to shocks and even electrical fires. Kriebel Electric LLC puts your safety first by providing electrical service upgrades to fix up your home's electrical system.

We can replace:

  • Electrical panels
  • Breakers
  • Meter sockets

Contact us today to learn more about the electrical service upgrades we offer in Tuckerton, NJ.

Update your outdated electrical wiring

Don't wait for minor electrical issues to turn into major problems. When you start to notice problems with your electricity, let us know. We can carry out full house rewiring to make your home safer and more functional. Are you looking to build a home addition? We can take care of the wiring work. We can also rewire your bathroom or kitchen to better suit your needs.

Call now to discuss your house rewiring needs in Tuckerton, NJ.